Strategies and Policies
Strategies and Policies

Quality-based practice remains one of the organizations’ most significant competitive advantages, and driving the organizations to take advantage of quality management approach, based on the ESQR Quality Performance Model, is a top priority for the European Society for Quality Research (ESQR).

ESQR is dedicated to creating and sustaining an environment conductive to the growth of quality awareness and competitiveness in organizations worldwide by integrating the following strategies in all daily operations, decisions and processes:

•         To promote the use of the ESQR Quality Performance Model as the primary driver for sustainable organizational excellence, and ensure regular review and improvement.

•         To recognize quality competence in organizations and present them as role models.

•         To assess processes, results and resources to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

•         To design products and services for large and small organizations to assist them in understanding and deployment of business excellence.

•         To disseminate quality knowledge and resources through training courses to improve internal efficiency and productivity.

•         To provide a platform for organizations to share best practices, improve performance and enhance competitiveness.

ESQR's recognition programs

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Sharing best practices

The ESQR’s European Award for Best Practices in Brussels (Belgium)
Due to restrictions on international travel and mass events, imposed by the governments of many countries to tackle the crisis of Covid 19 (Coronavirus) the European Award for Best Practices Convention is postponed until further notice.