The ESQR Quality Performance Model
The ESQR Quality Performance Model

The European Society for Quality Research (ESQR) is the guardian of the ESQR Quality Performance Model: a set of actions applied in an organization with the purpose of meeting customers’ expectations. 

By providing organizations with guidelines for achieving excellence in performance, the ESQR Quality Performance Model, leveraged by a network of academic experts and corporate executives, plays a vital role in helping organization improve their quality approaches and target customer satisfaction as an ultimate goal for business success.

Regardless of sector and size of organizations, the implementation of the ESQR Quality Performance Model allows:

•         To research customer needs and increase effectiveness in the use of available resources to enhance customer satisfaction and improve their loyalty.

•         To motivate and involve employees allowing them to contribute to continual improvement.

•         To measure the capabilities of key activities and evaluate risks.

•         To reduce costs and achieve predictable results.

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Due to restrictions on international travel and mass events, imposed by the governments of many countries to tackle the crisis of Covid 19 (Coronavirus) the European Award for Best Practices Convention is postponed until further notice.