Quality research with solid and innovative methodology is imperative to meet and address business challenges. Today, quality research remains one of the core activities of the European Society for Quality Research (ESQR).

ESQR excels in promoting existing studies and carrying out cutting-edge researches on quality management to demonstrate the economic and social benefits of quality models to organizations.

ESQR’s research strategy is focused on the efficiency of quality approaches and inventing superior new tools and techniques for their implementation in a wide range of disciplines and sectors. It covers areas such as:

•         Customer Service

•         Strategic product development

•         Performance measurements

The European Society for Quality Research manages an increasingly competitive knowledge center to develop and disseminate publications related to quality models. Collection of case studies, business presentations, best practices researches, well-known market leader interviews as well as market analysis are available for ESQR’s members.

ESQR's recognition programs

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Sharing best practices

The ESQR’s European Award for Best Practices in Brussels (Belgium)
Due to restrictions on international travel and mass events, imposed by the governments of many countries to tackle the crisis of Covid 19 (Coronavirus) the European Award for Best Practices Convention is postponed until further notice.