Efficient learning can come from organizations which have successfully achieved business performance excellence. The European Society for Quality Research (ESQR) is committed to create opportunities providing unique platform for organizations worldwide to learn from each other, to improve performance and exchange ideas and experiences related to quality management.

ESQR’s international conferences, seminars, executive workshops and roundtable discussions enable organizations and like-minded people to:

•         discover new approaches and innovative perspectives

•         meet global team of quality professionals, industry experts and market consultants

•         know how other organizations address their challenges, learn about their case studies and best practices.

•         disseminate your own strategies, contribute to continuous improvement, be source of inspiration for other organizations

•         establish and develop new business connections with their peers

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The International Diamond Prize for Excellence in Quality 2017 Convention in Vienna (Austria)
The International Diamond Prize for Excellence in Quality 2017 Convention will be held on Saturday, December 9, 2017, in Vienna (Austria), during which the selected companies, public administrations and organizations from Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa and Australia will receive the International Diamond Prize for Excellence in Quality 2017 in recognition of their superior development efforts, overall excellence and commitment to economic progress, both for themselves and their communities as a whole...