Brussels: the European Capital
Brussels: the European Capital

As a cosmopolitan city with unique business opportunities, Brussels is a natural choice for the European Society for Quality Research (ESQR) as a host city to its international conventions.

Brussels is the capital of the European Union and the seat of numerous European and internationals organizations. This polyglot city is a global center for international politics and economy, therefore it has become the home of numerous diplomats, politicians, civil servants, economists and businessmen. Serving as the center of Europe, it is dominated by European and world headquarters of multinational companies.

Brussels is also an important cultural center; it counts numerous museums on its territory and offers a wide variety of cultural activities. Brussels is visited by numerous tourists every year, attracted by its history, architectural heritage and beauty.

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The ESQR’s European Award for Best Practices in Brussels (Belgium)
Due to restrictions on international travel and mass events, imposed by the governments of many countries to tackle the crisis of Covid 19 (Coronavirus) the European Award for Best Practices Convention is postponed until further notice.