The European Society for Quality Research (ESQR) recognizes and highlights outstanding business results, best practices, quality awareness and achievements by companies in regional and global markets. Through its recognition programs and awards, ESQR makes quality a top priority for the recognized organizations, regardless of their sector, size and location.

ESQR draws up policies and guidelines for the awards which are presented at ESQR’s annual conventions in European major cities on an annual basis. The ESQR conventions become a hub where business leaders get more information on best practices in business strategies, visionary thinking and growth.

The ESQR awards recognize organizations’ distinctive performance improvement, organizational excellence, customer focus and encourage them to share their best practices, experience and knowledge with other organizations. The recognition is independent assurance for organization’s stakeholders and customers, and it motivates the organizations’ employees to strive for sustainable excellence.

The European Society for Quality Research also encourages successful implementation of the ESQR Quality Performance Model as a tool to develop quality control activities, reach global markets, and promote best practices.

ESQR's recognition programs

Recognizing commitment

Bringing together organizations from the whole world

Motivating for continuous improvement

Selecting outstanding examples to follow

Sharing best moments

Sharing values and new ideas


Sharing best practices

The ESQR’s Quality Choice Prize 2019 Convention in Berlin (Germany)
The ESQR’s Quality Choice Prize 2019 Convention will be held on Sunday, July 7, 2019, in Berlin (Germany), during which selected organizations, public administrations and companies from Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa and Australia will receive the ESQR’s Quality Choice Prize 2019 in recognition of their exceptional success in quality management strategies...