Organizations achieve better business results by improving their customer satisfaction strategy and quality management, and consultancy plays a key role in embedding these approaches. The ESQR consulting services enable organizations to achieve business excellence worldwide. By examining assigned problems and covering industry-related topics, the ESQR consulting services deliver methods and strategies tailored to specific needs of the organization. These services include:

•         Risk management consultancy

•         Organizational solutions

•         Business process improvements

•         Reduce costs

•         Increase sales

The ESQR consultancy services coach executives to understand key factors in developing organization-wide improvement programs and obtaining more in depth information for wining strategies.

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The ESQR’s Quality Choice Prize 2019 Convention in Berlin (Germany)
The ESQR’s Quality Choice Prize 2019 Convention will be held on Sunday, July 7, 2019, in Berlin (Germany), during which selected organizations, public administrations and companies from Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa and Australia will receive the ESQR’s Quality Choice Prize 2019 in recognition of their exceptional success in quality management strategies...